Fasten your seat belt. Put on a mask. Stand six feet apart. All these rules can get really irritating and people nag you about them or get really mad at you if you break the rule.
We make the rules to control society but the lawmakers themselves then become the problem. What do we do?

How does God, or will God deal with all of this?

Under the New Covenant God has disassociated us from his law. We are no longer held accountable to his law. People hold us accountable for obedience to their laws but God doesn’t. Sounds far-fetched, let’s look at it.
From the account of Abraham in the early chapters of the Bible on, your peace with God was confirmed by circumcision. This was very important. If you weren’t circumcised you had no connection with God. Even during the life of Jesus, all of his disciples were circumcised Israelites.
When Jesus rose from the grave, we got a new covenant. Circumcision was no longer required. The whole basis for covenant with God, throughout most of the Bible, was removed. No longer needed. As the angels said, no it was… peace on earth, good will towards men.

From Moses on, there were certain meats that they were not to eat. They were Israelites. They didn’t eat pork or shellfish. From the time of Moses and throughout the life of Jesus, Godly people did not eat pork or shellfish.
Once Jesus reconciled us by his blood, people were allowed to eat any kind of meat.
It was the same with the Sabbath and annual Holy Days. Breaking the Sabbath was punishable by death. But now it’s no longer required.
Tithing. Giving ten percent of your income to the priests of God was required. It’s not any more.

Consider this. Luke, who wrote the book of Luke and the book of Acts was not a Jew. He would have been called an uncircumcised dog. But then we see him writing a major part of the New Testament.
Paul the apostle, formerly an enemy of Christ, called by God and takes the gospel to the gentiles. These people that Paul went to, the Ephesians, the Galatians, the Corinthians, the Romans, would never have been accepted before but now are the main ones of the New Covenant.


God now works with our hearts. He gives believers good clean pure hearts instead of laws to obey. We still have old habits, earthly carnal ways of thinking, but deep down inside, where God looks and where it counts, he makes us pure and accepts us that way.

In society we still have troubling laws to obey and habits that get us into trouble.
In this world we have rules and we suffer if we break them but those things are not an issue with God. Not any more.