We have been betrayed, by the very people we elected.
Not only by the people, but by the very systems we’ve chosen.
There’s only one way out of this.

I get censored.

I can’t speak freely. It’s just not allowed. I can’t say what I want to say and there are others. People I want to listen to can’t speak freely either. We all get censored. But worst of all, some of my best friends don’t care.
I have a good friend, a lifelong friend. And even though we are on opposite poles politically, we’ve always been able to talk about anything, very freely and openly. But not now. He believes in censorship. He says some thoughts should not be allowed to be expressed. I don’t think he realizes what that does to me. His ideas are accepted in the media. Mine are not. He thinks that’s okay. But it’s not. It’s become personal now.

This is not just about me and him. It’s everybody now, and everywhere. One party wants to control everything and the other group seems to think it’s okay. I used to blame democrats but it’s republicans too. One wants to control. The other enables. One group wants to make me do things a certain way. The other group stands idly by.

Some want democracy. They don’t like the electoral college. The people’s will should prevail they think. But the people’s will sounds good until it’s a Lynch mob coming after you, so to speak. A pack of dogs like democracy. The sheep doesn’t. We are supposed to protect the minority, and sometimes we have. It was men who voted to give women the right to vote. It was white men who voted to give black men the vote. We ought to support the minority like that. But we aren’t doing that much anymore. Our government is becoming tyrannical.

Some people want a republic. They like the representative form of government. They want a better class of people to represent us. They want to get behind a candidate or a politician and support them. They elect an elite class. But you know how the elite class is. They go to the country club and make their plans, and they work together to shake us down. The republicans are no better than the democrats. Maybe more sneaky, more subtle, but they are doing the same thing. A pack of dogs after the sheep, either way.

The solution is…

And for those times when we disagree or don’t see clearly, we need an all-knowing God to tell us what to do.
I know how stupid this sounds, but what option have we got? Does Republican sound better, or Democrat? You control me or I control you? Or shall we select a smart, elite group to create a government for us?
God can help. He can and will help both on an individual level and someday (hopefully soon), on a worldwide level.
For now, it’s individual level. And with the world around us the way it is, you can expect trouble. But he will connect with you heart to heart, help you sometimes, give you peace in the midst of the other times. We’ve made trouble, so we can expect trouble, but it’s better really, when you know that almighty God has also gone through it (as Jesus), and he will emotionally go through it with us now.
As for society wide correction, that happens when he returns. He’s going to heal our hearts, heal our bitterness, heal our resentment and anger. We need a new heart, a new spirit. He does that now, as we sign on to it. He’ll do it for the world too. When we are more prepared to accept it.