Did you ever get excited to see a football game, a concert, or maybe a UFC event? There are things like that, that people really like. They pay a lot of money to see those things. Thy might ask for an autograph. It would be a real delight to cruise around or have lunch with someone you admire. Likewise, you might just feel a sense of awe around a person that is rich or successful or anyone that really deserves your respect.

These things are akin to worship. If you get excited about God or just want to honor him, you might feel like dancing or singing, or just sitting quietly in awe. That is worship.

I’ll tell you what worship is not. Listening to a sermon or studying the Bible is not worship. Those things might inspire you to worship but they, in themselves, are not worship. You can read or listen to the stories in the Bible about other people and how they worshiped God – but that is not worship. Worship is about what you do, not what someone else did.

Singing out of a hymnal may not be worship at all. You know in your heart if it is.
Give God a chance. Give his son a chance. You might find him worthy.

You can’t worship God if you don’t see good in him. Conversely, you will never see much good in yourself or in anybody else until you see good in the One who created you. Doesn’t that make sense?