ACME LAWNS is Colorado’s most innovative landscape design and sprinkler installation companies offering services in and all around the Denver Metropolitan area. We specialize in all aspects of exterior design and installation with an emphasis on quality workmanship, professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.

Sprinklers System Installation & Repair

Your lawn isn’t going to look its best with a broken, faulty, or improperly calibrated sprinkler system. Perhaps worst of all, an ineffective sprinkler system can cost you hundreds more every year in water bills. Your sprinkler system might be broken, but your sprinkler repair doesn’t need to break the bank. ACME LAWNS specializes in sprinkler repair and sprinkler installation. Have your sprinkler system repaired right the first time by calling ACME LAWNS when your sprinkler system is in need of care. When a sprinkler system isn’t operating at maximum efficiency, it’s costing you extra money every month. ACME LAWNS has been installing and repairing sprinkler systems since 2004. Why does that matter? Because the climate and soil of Colorado are like no other in world and it takes someone like ACME LAWNS with intimidate knowledge of the area to have a sprinkler system operate efficiently.


From the beginning, a sprinkler system needs to be designed to distribute water evenly throughout your yard. When ACME LAWNS designs and installs your new sprinkler system, we put emphasis on strategic water distribution so you aren’t wasting water by having a sprinkler head under your fence line or spraying your sidewalks. You’ll save money every month by not wasting a drop of water all season long.


How often do you turn your sprinkler system on in the spring with your fingers crossed, hoping that there isn’t a leak in the system? Unfortunately, sprinkler system repairs don’t tend to listen to crossed fingers. When you come home to the newly formed Geyser in your front yard, contact us immediately to fix the problem and get your sprinkler system functioning properly.

Spring Sprinkler Start-Up & Fall Sprinkler Shutoff

Colorado’s freezing winters mean you need to take extra care of your sprinkler system. There is no worse surprise than a sprinkler blow out when turning your sprinkler system on again after the freezing winter. When done incorrectly, you could be facing hundreds of dollars of system repairs from burst fittings, broken sprinkler heads, sprinkler blow out, and pipe bursts, not to mention potential water damage. To ensure your system remains safe during the winter and starts up safely again in the spring, have ACME LAWNS winterize your sprinkler system. We take extra care in shutting off your sprinkler system so you don’t end up with a nasty sprinkler blow out surprise come springtime. Call ACME LAWNS today to schedule your sprinkler shut off before the snow starts coming down.

Residential & Business Landscaping

Homes throughout the Denver Metro area have benefited from custom landscape design and masonry from ACME LAWNS. After years of service, our customers expect only skilled work at an affordable price from our qualified artisans. With decades of training, we will make and execute creative, unique designs for whatever type of project or landscape for homes and businesses. Our landscaping and lawn pros collaborate with you to bring ideas to life. This close relationship allows us to know what you want for a finished product. All of our finished products last for years to come.

Lawn Care

A thick green lawn in the middle of summer will always get attention around your neighborhood. We offer lawn aeration, mowing, trimming, edging, bug disease and control and sprinkler installation and repair. I Contact ACME LAWNS for sod installation or any type of landscape design.

Paths & Patios

Decks and walkways are a great method for filling an additional room in your courtyard.We can build a beautiful stone or brick patios and walkways using your needs.

Ornamental & Retaining Walls

Partitions are essential to landscape design. Retaining and decorative walls are a great way to divvy up your backyard and shield your home inside and out. These landscaping features are effective for containing animals, children and guests in your own backyard. Additionally, they bring privacy to your own space.

Porch Lighting

Guests and family will love using your backyard when you add outdoor lighting. You can pick from a menu of positions and styles to bring extra beauty to your property. Backlights and walkway lights are all common types of lighting we bring to Denver Metro homeowners and businesses.

Outdoor Kitchens

When a simple backyard grill isn’t enough to feed your group or you want to add an exterior section in your restaurant in the Denver or surrounding area an outdoor kitchen is a smart solution. Grills, countertops and cabinetry are all part in our outdoor kitchen creations.